we will likely be at the cabin every year over labor day, and it will forever remind me of the labor day when we came home from California to visit our family, and decided we’d rather be with family, than live in paradise. it was not an easy decision, but being at the cabin is some kind of magical and such a peaceful place.

it’s important, especially for those of us who are prone to anxiety and depression, to find what recharges us and makes us feel inspired and new again. spending quality time with my people out in nature and away from Facebook and tragic news and horrible stories of awful things happening to good people is what brings me back to what’s important. i NEED my family, like i need the sun and Jesus.

this weekend was quick, but lovely. the lsat few times we have come, the kids have made boats to float down the river that crosses near the cabin. this time, they raced with their aunt and it was so fun. it was one of those time stands still moments and i’m glad i had my camera to remember it.