superhero day party kids campI wanted to be sure and share this amazing week my mom planned a few weeks ago when we had cousins in town and decided to do a kids camp. Grammy planned a music day, a super hero day, and a royal day. The kids had a blast!

She decided that it would be fun to have a “cousin camp” and have themed days so the kids had something to do while we were still out of school and then they might not eat each other alive… we concluded it to be successful.

I’m including the links to most of what she used for the days that she acquired from Amazon {affiliate links}

My mom has been collecting a lot of these things for a while to keep at her house, but she acquired a few new things just for this event:

The capes and masks {includes 8 for boys and girls}

Hulk Hands for the “Hulk Destroyer” game when the kids got to build a building and take turns Hulking out to destroy and whack all the blocks all over. They loved it.

Cardboard blocks you can find here.

superhero day for kids camp or cousin camp super hero day | hulk hands super hero day kids camp | hulk hands

Then, they had an obstacle course for “Superhero Training” starting with a Thor’s hammer throw.

Thor’s hammer is here.

superhero thor costumesuper hero day kids camp costumes

thor's hammer

And then a crash course in Captain America Shield protecting…

super hero day superhero day kids camp

And then they ran through an obstacle course made with pool noodles

obstacle course on superhero day obstacle course on superhero day obstacle course on superhero day

superhero day obstacle course superhero day obstacle course

The kids had so much fun playing together and then came inside to create their own superhero characters.

They had mask and cuff kits and lots of foam. I wish I had pictures of some of the clever things these littles came up with. Superhero day is such a great one for kids camp with this range of ages because the older ones really enjoyed the crafting and the creativity part, and the younger ones loved being in costume and playing. My little Spider Girl was running throughout the house and would stop dramatically to whip her cape around and make a superhero pose where we could see and then run away. It was a crack up.

superhero day party kids camp