i have to say, i have never done stuffed bell peppers before. 
which is dumb, because it’s fun, and really yummy and fast!


we used some naughty pork sausage {sage flavor} for these and left over brown rice from chipotle actually… cause that’s about how our week was. #sorrynotsorry
{aaand cause i was out of quinoa-dang it! it will be so much better next time!}
it stretches em out and adds some really great texture,
and i thought they were so tasty!


a little freshly grated mozzarella and green onion and these guys sing.
AND, they travel well to work the next day, AND little man loved it in pieces.
{he’s so avant garde like that 😉 }
i love meals that work for everyone and are healthy.
winner winner – not a chicken dinner.



yes, i used pork sausage, but you could use any ground meat too obviously…
just don’t not use it on account of the fat.
that’s dumb. we need fat,
and it tastes SOOOOO much better, so do it.