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is it really fall? really? // fall snickers {mix}

this week was awful. i’ll say it.
b and i literally sat on the couch for 2 days and for one of those had a toy story marathon.
{what you do when mom and the 2 year old are a stuffy, coughy hot mess.}

so, yesterday, after an extremely long morning getting out to get reese her birth certificate
{yay, she exists now!},
i took boss to target.
mostly to roam, but sort of for therapy.
it was overcast-ish, so the cool breeze and lack of sun really made me homesick for some fall in here.
i’m all lined up now to try some yummy fall dinner recipes next week,
but instead of shopping for things i need,
i came out with stuff to make snickers. the mix.
cause it’s what says fall to me.
the leaves here are barely hinting at turning 
and we still have the santa anas to go through before it will really cool down here, 
but if i have a dish of this and some pumpkins on my table, i can allow it to be fall.
true story: i actually hate candy corn by itself. yuck.
but as a candy bar? all day, every day.

snickers {the mix}

my mom taught me this one, though it probably wasn’t her idea…

3 m&ms

2 peanuts

1 candy corn

1. toss in your mouth all at once…..taste it? pretty awesome right…


tip: the candy corn is similar to the “nougat” part, so you can toy with different candy bar flavors by mixing it up. this stuff would be perfect for a “boo” gift, or to take to a party… or just to have out for friends that stop over. 


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