we got up yesterday to a docile toddler.
at first, we thought, “great, a mellow day!”
and after he cuddled up next to me and wanted to be held lots,
i obliged.
he then rolled over and vomited.
only the 2nd time he’s done it, so we were concerned.
i was glad to have cc around to help,
but it was clear the morning was only going to be filled with
explosions from satan, not the sparkly kind…
{yet it was just the one…}

eventually, we made it to a BBQ at the park with good friends,
then cc tracked down an AC unit for his hot pregnant wife.
{in this case hot meaning “always sweating cause its 85 in our lack-of-AC house”}

true freedom is the ability to lay in comfortable cool air in the summer.
and to make it freezing if i want to.
totally awesome.

then we headed for burgers and to the target parking lot with family to watch the fireworks.
so perfect.
not crowded, and just the right amount of a show from the truck bed.

doesn’t get more ‘Merican than that!