our 4th of july began different than most perhaps.
we awoke in a hotel at a family reunion.
in one of at least 25 rooms filled with moffats.
we donned our spandex and pinned our numbers and found ourselves in a bit of a 5k 
there in the wee holiday morning hours.
i have never run a 5k.
not on a course or in a race like this.
most of you reading this are like, “who cares, 
i run 10ks weekly like it’s my job!”
but i don’t.

i think we will be adding this to future reunions though for cause it was so fun to run with family.
obviously only a few of us ran…
then to a parade,
then a carnival,
then games, food, bonding, and all that jazz…
and of course, fireworks.

i’d say it was a great day to
 celebrate being free.