i have been on and off in mourning over the loss of a home.
the home that i don’t yet have and probably won’t have for a while…

you’ve probably done it and are saying,
“get over it, sweetheart. everyone does the apartment thing.”

and you’d be right.

but i am just itching to get my hands on some real walls and some real space to decorate and really make my own.

the more i thought about it, the more i would dream it up, and after sifting through millions of photos of DIY projects and cute home ideas and getting inspiration, i realized, “i can totally do this!”


i am working backwards to create the bedroom i want.

last things last, artwork:

its not much, but i tried 3 different things until i landed on one i would love to hang in my room. until then, it hangs in my family room. to remind me to keep the party going.

next is my anthro-inspired quilt and cute headboard.
{so i can sell the huge thing behind my bed that is not my style in this life or the next.}

after all, “if you build it, they will come…”
                                          -field of dreams
{side note: my sister left on her mission today.
its kind of melancholy, and kind of not.
i guess the word is bittersweet.
i will be keeping up her blog here, if you are interested.}

click here to download the print