Sparkling ICE has been our favorite healthier drink option, especially for summer at the beach! They’ve helped us fizz-drinkers lose weight calorie Sparkling ICE water

Quick Story: Last fall, when my husband and I went home for the holidays we were both packing a few extra pounds, and my brother-in-law showed up having lost 30 pounds and looking like a million bucks. We bugged him about his habits, and knowing he was an avid soda drinker I asked him how he was coping with that. True story, he said he put soda aside for a while and switched to sparkling water. So after the holidays when we got home and wrote down our goals, we went to the store to get our healthier food-products and grabbed like 30 of these new Sparkling ICE bottles that looked so good. For fear of sounding like a fake ad, I want you to know that we have had no less than 10 of these in my fridge AT ALL TIMES since January and I’ve been raving about them to friends and family (and when I get the chance to share this stuff with you, you know it’s something I love and use often).

My kids love them and WE love them. I feel like these have the right amount of fizz and they all have great flavors and get this: NO calories! And obviously no caffeine or sugar. So, NO headaches, and I feel so much better after drinking them. It’s more water getting in every day, which is huge for me, being that I’m not usually the best water-drinker. I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised to know that I have to have some flavor in order to drink it!

They are the best to bring to the beach too because they are the most refreshing and don’t make me feel like crap. Win! So while we were losing some weight this year, having sparkling water on hand was a life-saver for us. So this week, as we often do, we took some friends with us to the beach and we made sure we let them in on our new favorite drink to bring to the beach. Fans all around it looks like.

zero calorie Sparkling ICE waterzero calorie Sparkling ICE water

Of the 17 real fruit Sparkling ICE flavors here are some of our favorites:

  • Black Raspberry
  • Orange Mango
  • Kiwi Strawberry
  • Coconut Pineapple
  • Peach Nectarine
  • Cherry Limeade
  • Strawberry Limeade

zero calorie Sparkling ICE water


Sparkling ICE is actually giving fans a chance to win a year’s supply by competing against each other in the Flavor Face Off fan contest (No Purchase Necessary).  In addition, you could get your face on a bottle, along with daily and weekly prizes.  To register or to find Sparkling ICE near you visit Get your game face on, ‘cause I might be hard to beat.  I would LOVE a year supply of these!zero calorie Sparkling ICE water