amazing eclectic gallery wall ideas
i have a wall in my house that’s been naked for months,
and a stack of frames and prints and ideas to put on our wall…
i looked at LOTS of ideas before we finished our wall…
and i have at least 2 more galleries to do…before i show you mine,
i wanted to show you some really stellar gallery wall ideas i found along the way
and why i think i’m so drawn to them…{none of these images are mine.
click on an image to pin from it’s original source.
or pin the image above to save them all,
or come check out my “gallery wall” board on pinterest 
and that i will keep adding to…}

i love this one with coordinating frames, and a running camera theme…
it looks clean, yet it’s unique and NOT uniform…
{sorry, the picture is small and I don’t know the source}

or  how about this colorful wall with lots of different sizes of frames,
and different shapes and depths. the two big prints are the focus,
colorful gallery wall
or this one that is more vintage and rustic. the wood colors and black and white
bring out a completely different feel… after looking at this one,
i realized i wanted mine nice and tight like this.
the space between the frames makes a huge difference on how you see it…
pottery barn rustic furtniture gallery wall
or how about a colored wall, and mostly neutral frames…
pops of color in just a few frames….
and those super close images… i just love looking at it…
{which is exactly what you want a gallery wall to do…. make you look at it!}
 {also a small image- sorry!}
or this one from my girl over at love grows wild
i love the wooden arrow, the bold print,
and the completely different elements.
the wood brings our the pillows and ties the room together… genius.
or how about gold? you know i love me some gold,
and while i would maybe only use a few fancy gold frames mixed in with the neutrals,
i love the choice to go all fancy and gold all over.
makes it so elegant.
a perfect living room gallery…
gold glam gallery wall
or how bout a corner gallery wall?
i love the bold black and white prints here that are nice and tight…
this one even makes a definite shape all together…
which works very well for this color and shape combo…
and looks super modern.
black white gallery wall stripes prints
do you have a gallery wall? 
is it tidy or random?
or neutral/matchy, or super bright and colorful?
Want a few more gallery wall ideas?
I shop many places to get an eclectic look, but I love the art print ideas over at Shutterfly
and adding personalization in there to make it feel more like home.
Check it out!