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how is she 3 months??

this is unfair.

why does it go even faster the second time around?
yesterday this little gal turned 3 months, and i feel like i am still trying to use the “i just had a baby” card. it’s failing miserably, by the way.

now that we are in our “groove”, it’s so fun to notice how different reese is from boston.
she is so smiley. if she’s not eating or sleeping, or chilling alone, she’s smiling. and talking to herself. the cutest little coos and gurgles come out of that face when i talk to her. and she especially likes to be told how pretty she is. works every time.

she sleeps fairly well during the day and generally sleeps 8-9 hours at night. thanks to some intense babywising, she slept 7-8 at about 7ish weeks. she’s even had a few 11 hour nights, but out of the blue, she’ll have a “just born” night and wake up twice. eh. i guess i can’t complain. she’s on her way. my boobs aren’t terribly fond of the inconsistent arrangement though.

boss had very distinct cries pretty early. i could tell pretty much what he needed depending on how recently he ate and the sound he’d make. he was obviously tired, sleepy, hungry…etc. but reese is perhaps just more dramatic… {weird, right?} all of her cries are like an F15 and ramp up and up. when she’s tired, she’ll cry pretty hard, and even harder when i go lay her down, but she will hardly ever fall asleep until i do. then within minutes of more crying, she’ll just stop. though it is barely starting to get easier to tell. perhaps she’s calming down a bit about life.

she’s a finger sucker. i love to hear her wake up in the night only to find her own fingers and put herself back to sleep. she absolutely did not want a pacifier {neither did boss}. oh well, we have grandpas in the teeth business. ruin em all you want…

her brother LOVES trying to play with her all the sudden. boss will come up and pretend she kicks him and playfully run away “injured”. he cracks me up. i can tell they will be good friends once she can react to his silliness and i can’t wait to see.

it’s been fun to get to know her little personality. she definitely loves to be around people.
obviously a social girl.

part of me wants to slow down time so i can savor every minute of this baby phase. so i can get in another million kisses on those irresistible cheeks a day, and part of me wants her to hurry and grow so we can chat. we obviously have lots to chat about!


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