this year, christmas was pretty special.
we had, for the first time in a few years, our whole immediate family around for christmas.
and that includes 2 new in-laws on cc’s side, and 3 new babies on mine.
it was a ball.
and aside from the fact that neither of my babies slept much at all,
so we were are walking zombies, it was so much fun.
{my 2 sleep better together and didn’t wake each other, 
but independently both woke up multiple times every night 
so that i slept in 30-minute intervals, if at all…
and did this every night but christmas night.}
for christmas eve, we had a sweater party,
ate yummy dinner, and went caroling to some dear friends that expect us each year.
we usually sing “bring us some figgy pudding” and stay there making noise and singing until they come out with something… it’s like christmas trick-or-treating…
this year, one came out with “figgy pudding” that they had ready for us.
then we opened jammies,
this year, in support of the dynasty, our shirts said,
“duck the halls.”

don’t mind the family that was up all night with useless crying children and therefore has no make-up or hair done… i guess it IS christmas morning afterall… deal. 
{even as i type this, we are packed up to drive home, 
barely awake, and wishing we could leave the 2 year old here.
driving. me. insane.}

the cousins from utah were around and my dad ordered some fun toys to have for all the kids.
he ordered 2 of these plasma cars, and 5 came in the mail! 
so we all rode them lots.
boss was way into the presents and christmas this year.
still quite oblivious, but when someone tried to say, “it’s like your birthday!”
he replied, “no! it’s jesus’s birthday!”
one point for his parents, thankyouverymuch.
and since i had all my family here, and we look nothing like we did even last year,
i was the one who whined for a photo.
it wasn’t awful, and we all still like each other after,
and even got a few cute ones of each family.
happy day.
and after some playtime, we headed up to the cabin for a few days.
completely disconnected and free to relax.
but still no sleep.
this little girl, we realized, wasn’t getting a whole lot from me.
we finally got her to take a bottle,
and then had to stop nursing all-together.
a little emotional about it, so more on that later…
but she sure is happy and cute and smiled at everyone and everything she saw.
the best ever.

what a great year, and some great holidays with the best family.
we sure love us.