Help babies sleep through the night with the right night time routine and the right products.

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We are absolutely LOVING having a baby at our house. Emery is such a dream and is so happy and smiley and makes life super fun around here. She is 9 months and depression has been setting in already that she is getting so much bigger and older. I love that I have been able to spend more time one on one with this babe. Emery is by far the most social and the one who loves to cuddle and hang out with me more than the other two rugrats.

One of my favorite times of day is definitely bedtime. I often have my husband get the big kids ready for beaded settled in while the baby and I have some much needed quiet bonding time and it revives me completely.

Our Nighttime Routine

It seems pretty basic to have a routine at night, especially since we are sleep trainers here. My kids sleep at 7 or 8 weeks, even though it felt like my two girls were going to be tougher. The night routine, and staying consistent is one of the biggest things that every book I have ever read mentions, so wherever you are on the spectrum of scheduled vs go-with-the-flow, having a consistent routine before bedtime helps babies and little humans for so many reasons.

The routine mostly looks the same at every house, I suppose. At our house, we send everyone to the bath or shower right after dinner, then often after the kids are in pajamas we sit and read Harry Potter together while the baby eats one more time, and we all pray and go straight to bed. Sometimes I rub their backs and sing to them if their rooms are clean. (That little trick has worked wonders at our house!)

Help Babies Sleep

The baby takes a short bath, and gets a little massage with some lotion, and then I often feed her again and snuggle and sing to her for a few minutes before I lay her down. My favorite products are by far the JOHNSON’S®  Bedtime® line. {The purple bottles!} We love the baby moisture wash and the baby lotion. There is something in them that helps calm babies so they go to sleep easier and the smell is soothing.

Both of my girls have been more excitable at bedtime, so having extra help to get them calm at night has been so great! I sometimes use the lotion to rub my four year old’s feet as well and it seems to help calm her too! My husband often intercepts the baby from me to put her to bed because he can’t resist smelling her after her bath.

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Walmart pick up!

If you haven’t been using Walmart pick up for groceries yet, oh please oh please just try it! We have been able to make a grocery list throughout the week of what we need, and stay within our budget because we know exactly what we are getting. I love using Walmart for these trips because I can add anything else as well! I put baby products on my list nearly every week, as well as organizing bins, lipstick…etc.

It has been such a relief to just drive up and have my groceries loaded up for me so I don’t have to attempt to do Walmart with three kids AND know that I can get some non-grocery items too. If you haven’t done it yet, just get the app and do it. You’ll be addicted. Here are some more JOHNSON’S® baby products you can add to your pick up too!

What do you do as part of your nighttime routine that is different or unique to help babies sleep?

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