These sweet and tangy pork Hawaiian pulled pork sandwiches are where it’s at! I am obsessed with Sweet Baby Rays and LOVE this new Hawaiian Barbecue Sauce on them! Having a really good BBQ pulled pork recipe in your pocket is key, and having a few really great slaw recipes on hand makes for never ending possibilities in the summer months!

Hawaiian Pork Sliders and Tangy Citrus Slaw

Hawaiian Pulled Pork

In the summer, we almost exclusively grill at our house. Keep the heat outside where it belongs, ya know?!

Smoked Pork has just tons of flavor and rocks my world. I will eat it straight off the smoker if I need to, but we usually go for Sweet Baby Rays. They sent me 2 new sauces to try and this one is awesome! I also posted a great recipe with the new Honey Chipotle Barbecue Sauce and we love that one a lot cause it has a bit of heat. This one is sweet and has a hint of pineapple to it, so along with this Tangy Citrus Slaw, it was the perfect barbecue pork sandwich!

I’d recommend smoking the pork, but if you can’t do that, pop it in the slow cooker all day, low and slow with a little broth and onion. I would definitely say Hawaiian Pulled Pork goes best on a Hawaiian Roll too! I have a copycat recipe, if you’d like to make them yourself. They are so good either way! They are sweet and amazing, and 90 calories a piece, so having 2 of these was not bad for a dinner meal at all! We also grilled some pineapple rings, cause we’re fancy like that. I think the warm fruity flavors compliment each other so well and get me in the mood for summer!
Hawaiian Pork Sliders and Tangy Citrus Slaw


This slaw is my uncle Eldon’s recipe, who is a Mexican food master and grilling master! He puts this slaw on pork tacos and it’s KILLER! Save it for later and use often. You’re welcome.

Be sure and check out Sweet Baby Ray’s new flavors because I never met one I didn’t like!!

Hawaiian Pork Sliders and Tangy Citrus Slaw

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