for our “chicken & veggies” night this week,
we tried these yummy hawaiian chicken skewers.
we are HUGE fans of grilled pineapple,
so i knew it couldn’t go horribly wrong,
and i really love the idea of basting and carmelizing,
rather than having to remember to marinate hours before
{though that’s good too, just nice to have a quick one}
this recipe uses fresh pineapple for basting to give it that natural sugar high
it needs to sugar up,
and the little hint of ginger and garlic are a nice touch too.
in the effort of full disclosure,
these are yum, but they weren’t our favorite we’ve ever made.
i mean, we have made some seriously flavor-packed chicken skewers around here
in the last little while,
and while these were tasty, and light,
and we gobbled them all up in 5 minutes like it was our job,
they are very “light” and the flavor isn’t too intense.
we used the left-over baste to dip the chicken in and agreed it was pretty tasty…
and a nice change from the chicken that we usually eat that is super spicy and
cause you to take a breather between bites cause so much is happening!
definitely use real, fresh ginger for these, and don’t skimp on salt and lemon,
and you’ll love em!
so for a light, gluten free, super tasty, low-carb meal,
this is a great option!