girl scouts only come once a year... i need thin mints year-round! - Color Me Meg

girl scouts only come once a year… i need thin mints year-round!

you know the drill.
girls come to the door,
you cave.
husband comes home,
you confess.
next day in front of the grocery store they look so sweet and in need of support,
and though you have some, you really should support them…
so another 5 boxes of thin mints, 
and maybe a tagalong or two so the family will keep away from the thin mints.
then comes the part of where to hide them.
no one can know where they are,
or how many there really is,
or the game is lost.
and i’m no loser.
so, since i’m not really eating sweets right now…
i didn’t buy any.
i was good.
i walked right past those cute girls and told them proudly,
“i can’t, i’m losing weight!”
i saw a post a while ago for how to make these, 
and realized i had purchased these dove chocolates a while back,
just waiting to be used for something naughtier than naughty.

so, while i still say go and support your girl scout troops
and let them know you care,
the minute those boxes are all out,
just remember this:
oreos + Dove dark chocolate w/mint,
maybe 20 + 20 seconds of microwave time,
and a little dip…
{minus the creme of course}
freeze or chill em,
and then eat em before they melt in your hand!

i wish it wasn’t true, but i will declare it anyway:
these taste better than the ones in the box. 



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