this week, the theme is appropriately, love.

i could take a picture of many things that would fall under this umbrella. many.

i could snap another cute picture of my kid, but that’s a given…
i could try to fenagle cc into some creative idea that captures all that i love about him,
but that wasn’t going to happen…

so we thought of our new surroundings.

truth is, we are excited to be by the beach,
close to family,
closer to home,
and closer to this House.

the san diego temple has been a place we love,
and not living close to one for a few years reminds me how much i need it.

when we were first married,
we would drive over from arizona to play at the beach and come visit this place.
sometimes staying for hours.

and as we were strolling around, and B was making “oooh” noises,
i kept thinking of a scripture:

God so loved the world,
that He gave his only begotten son…

which is more and more difficult to fathom every day.

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