so, this week i have been making my invitation for boston’s
3rd birthday party next weekend, 
and i am so excited to share!
{slash, i am in denial that i have a 3 year old… so crazy}
we are doing a construction party and the invite turned out so cute.
we used some of these cute free fonts and found more in the process,
cause that’s what i do….
if you are making an invite for a kid,
i LOVE the idea of mixing in some modern clean fonts with some kid friendly
handwriting fonts to really say
“hey, this is obviously a kid party!”
but still stay classy
and that what does the fox say? kills me.
check the dingbats on some of these, they are great!
ps, i’m getting ready to make a few of my own fonts!
if you’d like to submit handwriting, let me know!
just click on a link to download the free font below!