i don’t really have a head for creativity these days.

in fact, all morning i laid in bed since my body hurts,
and finally got up cause my kid made me feel guilty enough.

we’re almost to naptime and i can hardly wait to actually lay down and do nothing like those childless ladies think we do all day… but then i looked at the state of my house. guess a nap is out…again.

i realized i had better get in the groove for father’s day.
after all, my babies’ father just spent this entire month ensuring that i had a happy birthday, mother’s day, and anniversary.

truth is, holiday crafting and baking and decorating is often lost on the men, lets be real, they don’t care about that printable dad art we have up for them… or do they?

in any case, i have rounded up a few father’s day ideas for you to get you in the mood.
if for nothing else, they’ll be great reminders to put in your amazon orders earlier this year, right?

i designed this banner last year, but changed up the colors for this year.

it’s a cute tie banner that says  
“happy father’s day”
and you can download it here
super cute golf cupcakes tutorial found here


cute printable card found here
this ridiculous cute tie cookie on a stick… found here
this is such a great idea…
and since we often use favorite snack foods as gifts around here…
i just love this super hero kit idea found here
i saw this last year and wish i had thought of it…
it’s genius for my henry weinhart’s lovin man…
tutorial and printables for these bottle ties here
and i think this is brilliant. wish i had thought of it last year when the little man was less…mobile.
a photoshoot with all of dad’s favorite things,
including his own mini me, tools, in-n-out, motorcycle helmet…etc.
check out the rest of the cutest shoot here
or something like this one from one of the most creative photogs ever.
check this page full of the cutest shots he’s taken with these girls here
but, if i could think of the best father’s day gift for cc, it might look like this:
little man asks every night if they can ride the “skateboard” {dad’s longboard}
so most nights, they do.
might have to copy a few of these…