i know it looks like we watch a lot of tv at my house.
it is just my job to screen the good stuff so you don’t waste your time on stuff that is
bad for you.
here is the line-up on our TiVo so far:
monday nights:
just too much fun to watch.
no, the acting isn’t brilliant, but the action is.
and they keep entertaining us on this family friendly spy/action comedy/drama…
mostly comedy.
watch just one and see if you like it.
i know many opinions, but can only give you mine.

this season is going to be great.
some of the sexual tension from the past few seasons
is finally relieved, so we shall see what that brings.
we do know we will see a new side of house
and we will continue to see some brilliant dialogue and witty scenarios
in which doctors will make sense of stupid people that get themselves into medical trouble.
this one may not be as family friendly, but only due to the sometimes bloodiness and stuff.
and apparently, in this one, some lovin.
tuesday nights:
this season is going to be badder than ever with all new music,
some additional cast,
and as we know- some artists that they will make you love again.
[admittedly, i purchased the glee remake of a lady gaga song. 
and you KNOW how i loathe her…..]
 these kids rock and mr. shue is takin em to new york so it should rock even harder.
sadly, at the very same time is
biggest loser
this one i watch religiously and you should too.
what is not to love about a group of deserving fat people 
 getting healthy and happy?
this season’s contestants come from all over (they were hunted down in their communities)
to be sure we can affect as many people as possible.
we like to watch this one live so we can talk in the commercials 
and eat healthy snacks.
i will be updating on the peeps as we go 
cause this is the kind of reality drama that is fun to follow…
wednesday nights:
 the middle
this one i don’t think you really need to see sequentially to suck the fun out of it.
it is just funny and yes a little over-the-top (purposefully) to enjoy the ridiculousness that is 
being a mom these days. 
pretty funny stuff. check it out.
right after the middle on the same channel is
 modern family
this might be the one i am most excited for.
it is charming and real
and so much fun to watch. they established a family with relationships
everyone can relate to and none of them are over-the-top. 
feels almost reality tv-esque and it’s hilarious.
if you haven’t seen one, this week is the time to start!
thursday nights:
this is one of those random shows that just makes me giggle.
it is totally my humor.
since cc and i met in our brief stint at community college,
this is one we love watching together and LOL-ing much.
it doesn’t hurt that this thing is brilliantly directed with a pretty great cast.
almost every episode is dedicated to another hilarious excerpt from your experience in one of the stupid classes you had to take in jr. college.
enjoy reliving that (you-didn’t-know-it-was-so-hilarious) time.
(if you miss this one, 
they are usually online so you can watch em real quick for a taste to get your abs workin…)

friday nights:
aka- get out of the house you couch butt!
try these guys out and let me know what you think.
and definitely let me know if there are others i should be knowing about.