These potato chips are a party hit and my mom has been throwing them together forever!

parmesan ranch chips semi homemade

My mom is a regular DIY queen, and when it comes to food, she sort of writes the book as she goes.

I am always amazed at the creative stuff she comes up with, and I’m always telling her to slow the heck down and tell me what you did there so I can do that! Sometime last year, I think it was, we came to something at her house and she had 3 kinds of these “doctored up” chips and we couldn’t stop eating them. I’m not even really a potato chip person, but these were ridiculous. So fun and so easy to make.

When you start with a good brand of sea salt potato chips it helps a lot. She also uses a disposable pan because it’s the right size, and leaves plenty of room to toss the chips in and mix them while baking. And then of course, it throws right away so you don’t have to clean it… so there’s that.

She makes these to go along with any and all BBQ meals, or anytime we have a fancier shower, or holiday gathering. She’s made them for 3 birthdays and a wedding reception just this last month alone! So believe me when I tell you that having these 3 chip recipes in your back pocket will not be a bad thing at all!

parmesan ranch chips side dish semi homemade

Hope you love these easy parmesan potato chips! I will post the other two chip recipes soon too! They are all so addicting so #sorrynotsorry.


parmesan ranch baked potato chips recipe semi-homemade BBQ side dish