dear easter bunny,

i am still thinking about how you came last week,
and how magical easter was for some reason this year.

now in my top three holidays i think.

because we are with family,
we still eat,
have some fun gimmicky thing with eggs,
and we get together
because of the savior.

i loved every minute of this beautiful day
and soaked in every word of truth that was spoken.

thanks for making this a memorable one for me.

elle loved easter so much she wanted to eat it.

then she was ticked when she realized we were going to eat chicken.

kenna enjoyed the vitamin D…

and so did the grown ups…
[please excuse mr. waldo/30 rock’s kenneth as he gleefully skips about the yard]

(after successfully locating 3 eggs…)
“but i jus wanta canny”

[note the 3 classes of egg-hunters in our midst…]

the easter bunny did something fun for the adults that might need to be a tradition…[cough]
he left notes with clues on them of where to find a larger wrapped gift in the house somewhere.
rob found his happy thought.

and then,

we played away the day…

i thought this turned out kinda cool:

a beautiful shot of g-ma:

theme of the day:

ooh… who’s that?

cc just mentioned that we will be needing large, large large hard-drives when we have kids.
i take so many of my [not] kids already…

thanks everyone for the beautiful days of fun.
the Lord is good to me.
i am so glad to know that He lives and loves me.
my family is proof of that.