We had such a great easter weekend with family here! The cousins came over to paint eggs and make resurrection rolls. I absolutely love these kids. It was fun to watch my mom try to explain the rolls and why they were “empty tombs”. I think my kids have a pretty good understanding of Easter, at least my older one does. He told me all about it that day and that he was happy but also sad that Jesus died. “I’m also happy though cause he came back, mom.”

Yes, bubba, he did. And I couldn’t be happier that you know that.

The kids got to do TWO Egg hunts. One at Grandma’s and one at Grammy’s. They were both wildly successful and sugar-coma inducing. It was fabulous.

Our newest one loved every bit of the sunshine and attention. She’s a doll face. I was talking about the baby, but yeah, the puppy is too! 😉


And the food. OH THE FOOD! It’s always so good. I’ll post some of the recipes soon!


PS, if you are here just looking, these types of “personal posts” are mostly for my own journaling purposes. I enjoy taking pretty pictures, and I am trying my hardest to remember my kids at the ages they are.