man i love dr. seuss.
last night, in his honor, i read aloud the thinks you can think.
to myself. and it made me smile.
i have such fond memories of reading growing up,
which is probably why it is so easy to do with my kids…
as i was thinking about mr. seuss and his birthday yesterday,
i was thinking about this cute quote and being YOU.
if there was anyone who stayed true to his crazy self more than that man,
i haven’t heard of it.

luckily, dr seuss is still a known and loved author and he will be on the shelves for a long time,
because i often find myself buying them up whenever i can.
i want my cute littles to learn his little life lessons:  
oh the places you’ll go, 
no person’s too small, 
and stay true to yourself!

today for read across america this week, we are going to spend some extra time reading, and i think i will take my littles to the library for the first time evah.
{i know, i’m bad, i totally should have before now…}

but now that my toddler is 3, he’s asking about school A. LOT. i told him when he turned 3 we’d go to school, but now he asks all the time {as if it would be the very next day…oops.}  i figured, it’s never too early to learn. so i figured we’d start by learning more letters. he knows a lot of them, but can’t recognize all of them out of context. so i made this quick memory game with letters and a few small words to learn so that he can start to see them in the books we read every day.

he LOVEs it. and it was the perfect way to spend a few minutes as a family…
i put his name on one, mom, dad… words that would be good to recognize, even though he can’t read.
it’s an easier way to learn letters for him too. i will say, “that’s a B for Boston” so when he sees it, he always says, “that’s a B- for Boston!” so fun.

if you want to download these two prints and the memory game to print at home,
feel free to click here for the files. you can print front/back 
{or just print the image side and write whatever you want on the back!}
there is also a blank sheet for you to fill in with whatever you’d like.
if you do it digitally, the font i used here is grinched