so, i don’t know when we decided to take BL to different countries and drop them off towers…
but i want in. i wouldn’t sky dive, but i think i would be down for this…
and even more down for this…
i am craving healthy me over here, and BL, you aren’t helping!
and dear moses, you were one of my favorites. 
i am sad to see you go. 
we all knew moses would have to eventually fall on the sword for the girls, 
and when it came down to a girl who wants to have kids or moses, 
it was obvious what he was going to do.
but i think it was a fighter and so fun to watch.  
it is nice to have real people with real heart on this show and this season is full of them.  
it will probably be disappointing for many of the weeks to come i fear. 
and what a tease, 
they will be bringing back brett {the trainer} next week.  
of course, cause they couldn’t possibly say goodbye to bob or jillian…
problem solved. sheesh. 
too bad he missed this week of fun in new zealand though.
better watch next week- its going to be fierce i can tell.
yep, just used the word fierce.