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dark chocolate caramel krinkles

dark chocolate brownie caramel krinkle cookies

“how is that shared room thing going?”

glad you asked.

it’s not.  it was perfect for a few weeks. they both slept great.
if she woke up, which was rare, he slept through it. it was awesome.
felt like we were out of the woods and into the park. breeze even.

then she decided to grow some teeth. how in the world can something so small cause such hell for everything within 1000 sq ft??!

needless to say, that + a grumpy sick, also possibly teething 2 year old, and we 4 were up all. night.

the one would cry and wake up the other, then the second one would stop and our eyelids would droop to close, WHAAAAAA! agh! i hate when my babies are sick or hurting, but i hate it worse when i have no way to help them. there is only so much medicine i can give you!

and the 2 year old, who is very articulate, turns into a blob when he’s sick and won’t say anything. he’s impossible to diagnose.

and the little one has transformed into a dinosaur. or some alien life form. it’s like district 9 up in here the way that little girl screeches and screams. she cries when she has a small cold like yesterday, but the pain cry isn’t a cry at all. and i KNOW my neighbors are putting together a petition, or at least getting their speeches ready…

on a normal night, that 4 month old will sleep about 10 hours a night, so i shouldn’t complain. it was work to get her there, but worth it, and we are happy she does. but she screams 1/2 the time she’s awake and no amount of cuddling, singing, chew toys, or tablets will stop that.
and i am about out of energy.

so, on less than 1 hour of sleep, i share with you our adventure from the kitchen yesterday.

boss told the stranger at the store who asked what we were making and he said, “yummy christmas treats!”

so here is boss’s yummy christmas treat

dark chocolate caramel krinkles

1 box ghiradelli dark chocolate brownie mix
1/2 cup coconut oil
1 egg
1/2 -3/4 cups flour
1 package kraft caramels
1 cup powdered sugar

what to do:

preheat oven to 325 degrees.
mix up the brownie mix, oil and egg until smooth. add in flour until about the consistency of regular cookies. {stop before the dough becomes too firm.}

wrap dough around each caramel so that there is dough covering each side. i make a patty, put a thumbprint in it, place the caramel, then cover and seal with another patty to be sure it seals. then roll into a ball into your hand.

drop into a bag or bowl of powdered sugar until covered well, then place on a parchement covered cookie sheet a few inches apart. bake for 7-10 minutes. pull them out when they look slightly doughy and let them rest for 1 minute on the pan before removing to cool. let them cook a few minutes before devouring, or you will regret it for hours.



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