one night last week it rained here in san diego.
and rained hard and rained long.
i love the sound of it,
the smell of it,
the way the million leaves mat down on the porch,
every one of them a rich fall color…
i kept watching our pile of leaves multiply every day,
and in some sappy way,
it reminded me of all the things i have to be happy about.
to be truly grateful for.
i will never be able to count them all,
and they keep coming.
so, after boss went down,
 and cc and i sat to watch our nightly round of shows,
with the rain pouring outside,
i grabbed some of my wet leaves,
and a blank canvas i had around…
painted a simple background,
and modge podged some leaves on it.
it isn’t much at all,
and it’s the only decor i have {and probably will have} for thanksgiving,
but it makes me smile…
our little family of 3 has a lot to be grateful for this year.