chipotle chicken skewers and avocado ranch recipe 2
shh…do you feel that….?
it’s summer coming…
and we spend almost every night in the summer on the grill.
chicken and veggies cause they are yummy,
aaaand cause we have suits to fit into…
i saw this recipe for chicken skewers last week and about died.
 {you may have noticed that if it has avocado in it,
i will probably be making it.}
and anytime we are out to eat,
if “chipotle” is in the name, it’s a safe 95% bet that i’ll order it…
these have a “warm heat” so they aren’t super spicy,
but just enough.
and the avocado ranch is just perfect.
you could whip up an easier version of this with just avocado and pre-made ranch too.
and, as you can see…
it pairs well with a dirty diet coke.
{that’s become a catchphrase at this house… cause we think we’re hilarious.}
chipotle chicken skewers and avocado ranch recipe
dirty diet coke you say?
{1/2 glass of ice,
1/4 squeezed lime,
1 pump sugar free coconut flavor,
and a can of diet coke or diet dr. pepper}

and, i was a bit skeptical about the need for smoked paprika here,
but turns out smoked paprika and chipotle were MFEO {made for each other}
it’s worth the buy if you don’t already have some in the spice cabinet… promise.