This summer salad is a regular at my mom’s house and so full of color and flavor. We love it best with Sweet Baby Rays!

BBQ chop chicken salad with sweet baby rays

Since we have moved to Arizona it means that a) it is much harder to be healthy. It just is. The combination of being near family who all love good food, having weekly food trucks come to our neighborhood… So we have started to really crack down and get back to basics at our house. Now that I have my lover home with us all day, it means I can have his help to meal plan, and sometimes I even get to go to the store by myself! It’s amazing. It also means that b) my mom, the queen of all things in the kitchen, gets to teach me her ways…

We also just barely got a grill. We had to get rid of the old one when we moved, so Chris’s dad gave us his. Of course that means that he spent all week cleaning every inch of it, replacing old parts, and removing all of the wood pieces to sand and re-stain them. It looks beautiful. So when I told him I wanted to whip up this BBQ Chicken Salad, he was already firing up the grill!

One of the keys to this recipe I think is using dark meat. We love grilling chicken thighs lately because they have tons more flavor, and are usually cheaper- go figure! We marinate it in basic zesty italian dressing for just good flavor, then let it rest in some tin foil for a few minutes to stay moist and trap all the juice in. THEN, you toss it with the Honey Chipotle Sweet Baby Rays. I mean, you could baste while grilling, but it is perfect to toss it together when it’s hot and freshly cut.

The other key is the grilled corn! I can’t say enough how much we love grilled corn at this house! You’ll need to boil it first so it’s nice and soft, and then throw on the grill long enough to char it a little on each side. The beauty of this salad is that you can use a variety of different veggies and still have a delicious salad. This is my favorite combo for sure though!

BBQ chop chicken salad with sweet baby rays


BBQ chop chicken salad with sweet baby rays


This post was sponsored by Sweet Baby Rays, all ideas and opinions are my own.