by the time we got to mexico,
my in-laws had already sat through one time-share presentation all day,
and they were relaxin at the pool.

{you know, those ones that always say,
“90 minutes and we’ll give you all this free stuff!….”}

for sitting in a conference room for 4 hours,
they scored us 2 free days of a rental car. which saved us about $200 in cab fare.
AND they got free breakfast!

then they told us if we went to another one,
at a different resort, we would score all kinds of fun things to do for dirt cheap.
so, we all hopped in our complimentary shuttle the next morning,
and let them whine and dine us.

they do lots of whining around there….
but we were firm, and didn’t spend our future inheritence on 40+ years of what would be amazing vacationing.

i’m not against any of that, but i’m no cash cow either….
and it was definitely tempting…

we let them bring us a few virgin pina coladas, aka pinatas {who knew!}
before we told them no,
then we were ushered to another guy who whined more,
and then another one, who gave us our goods, and then whined to come to another presentation somewhere…

we declined. courteously.

but after a long morning using someone else’s home as a backdrop and free meals,
we were ok to grab us a dinner cruise, parasailing, waverunners, and kayaks….
for $60/person!

after our exausting morning in the sweaty heat,
we went with the dinner cruise first.
turns out that was a good idea…

so romantical

{we didn’t do the glass bottom boat thing,
cause look at it…. it’s just a tiny square in the bottom of that thing with glass in it.
not really what i had in mind…}

cabo is right on the tip of the baja peninsula.
so on one side is lovers beach.
the waves are calm and roll onto the shore…
loud enough to hear,
but not too loud that you couldn’t film a movie scene…

the other side of this strip of land meets the pacific.
it’s significantly colder on that side, and the huge waves crash right on the shore.
those waves are nice and loud, but there’s no swimming in em. 
they make a beautiful soundtrack for the pacific side resorts. 
this side is aptly named: divorce beach.

the “arch” is coming…. quick get pictures….
{really? that is the hoopla over here?}

the dudes handing out the drinks finally asked if we were mormon
cause we were the craziest ones…. and the only ones lacking alcohol.
though everyone looked drunk trying to walk around on the boat anyway.

i ended up starting a big of a dance party…
apparently that guy knew i knew some salsa….

then we walked the marina and walked off all the energy.
stopping only to catch all of the bright colors across the water and in all the shops…

still regretting not getting mass quantities of latisse….
what was i thinking?!