i admit, there are a lot of trends happening around town that i am not particularly a fan of.

i will go into that later, mostly because i don’t care enough to even spend time writing about it…

but THIS!

fall trend boots booties cheap affordable cute

i have an adorable girlfriend who rocks the bootie. not on her behind, heavens no, she’s tiny,

but as meghan trainor taught us, she’s perfect “from the bottom to the top” even if she is a cute little size 2… {you know you needed that song back in your head!}
i have a few pairs of booties from a few years ago and my husband hated them, so i didn’t wear them often,

but here i am and i’m noticing that they are EVERYWEAR. {see what i did there… i’m so clever…}


so, as we often do, we spent the afternoon swooning over booties and found a handful that are actually purchase-able.

unlike these that i can’t stop staring at, but no one in their right mind should ever pay for. {$540}Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 8.59.31 AM

seriously, if you are buying these, it’s time for intervention. {slash, you probably wouldn’t be the type to read this anyway…so…}

but i’m sure there is something similar for less somewhere…


most of these are found at, brace yourself, TARGET.

i might need an intervention before i’ve begun… i already know this knowledge will bring my wallet some slight weight loss. my husband will not be happy with my life choices…

1. gray suede buckle bootie

2. black suede zipper bootie

3. screen queen bootie

4. fold over ankle booties

5. lace “disco” bootie

6. perforated suede ankle sydney

7. wedge ankle bootie “sneakers”

8. telluride cinnamon bootie

9. ankle strap bootie pumps