little man has been “sick” for the last few days.
which is not really true, considering how happy he’s been.

even with a fever breaking 103, he was playing and laughing, exploring and singing.

just before i woke up this morning, i was dreaming of boss, sitting by me on my bed,
with the light pouring in my large bedroom window, and he was chatting away…
working through his words to communicate to me all sorts of things.

he speaks very well now and we are always amazed at how opinionated he is.
i can give him choices all day long, and he’ll make them. it amazes me how little minds can hold so much.

we are finally in the phase of life that i dreamed of before i had him.
i have enjoyed every step of the way, and loved all of the baby things,
but it finally feels like i have a little protector around.

the other night, while we were “checking his ears” as he requested… {he must have known he felt hot}, cc said, “uno…”  to which he replied, “dos, tres, quatro, cinco…”
who knew my kid could count to 10 in spanish?? 
we just laughed and laughed, then tucked him into his crib.

he woke up twice in the next few hours, hotter and hotter, and just needed some air and a mom.  i was more than happy to be it. he so rarely needs me this way, so when he wants to cuddle on me, i’m there!

the second time, i put him down in the “big bed”{he has a full in his room, for guests}, tucked him in, and told him to come get me if he needed me, certain that i’d have a 2 year old in my bed all night…

but he didn’t.

i woke up a million times, both to pee, and to check the door to see if he was coming through it.

he wasn’t.

i got up early in the morning, and waited in my bed to listen for him,
and finally, at about 8, he quietly opened his door, and asked,
“mommy? …hmm… where mommy go?”

then he came to find me in bed and we cuddled for a bit and he spewed every word he could think of in succession…. while i just about burst with mom light. 

he’s been sleeping in the big bed for 3 nights now with no problem at all.
he stays in there until i come to get him. so this morning, i waited to see if he’d come find me…
at 9:30, i went to check, and he was patiently standing on the bed, looking out the window, talking to the trucks…  {who is this kid?}

look, i’ve watched nanny diaries, i know how difficult it can be to train a kid to sleep in a big bed.  and yes, i’m sure my next kid will be different in lots of ways…
so if yours was tough, don’t shoot me yet…. but seriously, this is the kid i have. 

B drinks from a real cup when he has lunch, or when he’s parked somewhere safe, but this week he’s been asking for one all the time… still likes his milk warm, but wants it in a “big cup”…

we talk lots about the baby and how he’ll be a big brother soon…
i wonder if it’s sinking in… if he knows it’s time to man up cause little girlfriend is comin to town…

and as i sit to type this, i look over to see him like this…
and my pregnant little heart explodes.

stop growing my little man
who wants to grow up so fast,
drive a big red truck like daddy
and sit at the adult table…

there’s plenty of time for that later…