the perfect mix of savory and sweet. unless you throw these on the homemade hawaiian rolls.

then they are off the charts perfect…

balsamic and honey pork sliders hawaiian roll

the way i was taught to meal plan {from my mother, of course} was to make 1-2 meats a week. so this meat, for example,

i made 7 lbs of. mostly cause that’s what it came as at the store, and also because it can be “refashioned” a handful of different ways into meals that look pretty different. this way the meals last a few days. we have had sweet pork quesadillas, ranch wraps…. it’s fun to see what else to do to change up the flavor just a bit but get lots out of it.

we had these on thursday night and we are still eating the meat! {not for every meal, but you get the idea…}

when i do slow cooker BBQ, usually we just throw in some sweet baby rays and call it a day, because that’s the super easiest of easy things to do. it’s beyond worth the 20 minutes to throw this sauce together to kick up a slider. i will be making the BBQ sauce again. definitely. i love the tartness in the balsamic and paired with a little coleslaw and dill pickles on a sweet hawaiian bun? i know, i know. i’ll stop. i’d hate to get a bill for your keyboard replacement.

we invited friends to come join us {cause we could have fed an army} and they loved them too. something about homemade bread and a unique BBQ sauce that brings it back, don’t you think?

some serious summa lovin in that bun.

balsamic and honey pork sliders[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:38]