i think it’s pretty self-explanatory. but lets just say, that summer for us is only 2 months long, and for now, that’s PLENTY.

pregnant, huge, hot, and two kids to keep busy all day while husband works at home… not really my jam.

we had some fun for sure, but man, dropping them both off for the full day today felt like getting away with something.

this about sums up what i’ve been dealing with for weeks…

these kids are cute, but they crazy.

{boss is starting first grade and reese is in her 2nd year of pre-school for 3 full days a week!}

wishing you all a happy back to school season!

i’ll be here sleeping, nesting, and getting my pedicures and lunch dates in before baby comes any day and my freedom is lost. {although for a sweet cuddly new one we are all excited to meet}