i know i usually post lots about tv and good movies and all that,

but it might be time for a serious change-up.


this is a must-do.

my cousin taught me of this amazon mom gig a while ago, and it just might be my new favorite thing.

you sign up for amazon mom {no cost} and you can order “subscribe & save” items that they deliver right to your door. free shipping, and at a pretty good discount.

  • and just for being a member you get 3 months of amazon prime {free shipping on lots of other mom stuff.}
  • and, every time you order up to $25 dollars of mom stuff {or not mom stuff i guess} you add a month to that prime subscription.
  • this means you can order anything that you would normally go pick up on a monthlyish basis {usually in a large costco trip that ends up $200 more than you wanted to spend}: all your diapers, toilet paper, paper towels, detergents…etc. anything you buy regularly, you can get for like 30% less! yes please!
  • and you can change those subcriptions anytime or stop them. {i.e. every 2 months…etc.} that way you actually know how often you use them too!

i priced out paper towels to find out which was the best deal, and they had an 18ct double roll pack for $14.02 – that’s $.78 per roll!  no need for 18 coupons there and cheaper than the costco brand!

 {sadly, i think these deals change all the time. so i should have purchased that deal a few weeks ago when i was thinking about it, cause now its gone. but i’m on the hunt. i think once you get on one though, you are locked at the price.}

my cheap name-brand box of wipes came to my door a while ago and i was stoked. usually i have to go pick up my packages at the office {apt living rocks.} but they literally left it at my door!

go, do it.
and live happy.

you’re welcome.