vintage modern colorful living room with fabulous statement rug

I have been designing my living room and I had to lay it all out to see it come to life. I poured over dozens of couches, and I don’t love very many, but this one is killing me. Its the only one out of hundreds that has me smiling.

My big problem is my obsession with color. I saw this bright and colorful rug at my friend Kristyn’s home a few weeks ago and I absolutely cannot get it out of my head. I just think it would be too fun to splash that much color in the room that is usually so formal and plain.¬†Once I put it in the design, I squealed and thought how much fun it would be to have all of this color in one room, right as you walk in my house.

I just ordered the rug, because it’s on sale right now over at and I can’t wait to get everything else in here!

I have changed my mind a million times about the sofa and the rug, so this is one of the other designs that I also loved, but is a little calmer. My family room is tamed, so I need my living room to be bright!vintage modern living room with yellow couch and shag rug with teal chalk painted piano

Clearly, I’m set on a teal/mint piano. I have the fabulous piano, it’s just not painted quite yet because life has been a bit crazy now that CC and I are both working full time {more on that later}. And as I was looking back at the pin that inspired me, I realized this very one was painted by one of my favorite bloggers ever! ¬†Check out You’re Homebased Mom’s post on painting a piano with chalk paint and just try to tell me you are not inspired by her living room of colorful sweet glory. She’s a genius, I tell you.

So, I know it’s bold. I know it’s lots of color. But this has me written all over it.

What do you think?

living room layout

Arm Chairs | IKEA

Nesting tables | IKEA

Mid-century side table | Downeast Home

Multi Colored Geometric Rug | RugsUSA

Salmon “Blossom” Velvet sofa | Anthropologie

3 White shelves | Hayneedle