We hosted Halloween at our house this year and we had a lot of fun. Again, all of the clever Halloween Party food ideas were clearly made by someone with more energy. Food you see here was made by my mother. I dressed two of the kids and put my hair in curlers. Fancy clever food is generally above my pay grade.

halloween party food witch hats

But didn’t it turn out fabulous? Some of the better halloween party food ideas for sure. The witches hats have candy in them too. She’s intense, but the kids love it, so there you go.

halloween party food pumpkin vegetable tray halloween party food mummy dogs

The little frankenkrispies were a big hit. Pretty sure the kids all went trick or treating with a healthy dose of black mouth.

halloween party food Frankenstein Rice Krispies

And we busted into the Sheffield Cider. We love this stuff! It is some of the best I’ve ever had and perfect for the occasion! You can order them here.

halloween party food Sheffield Cider halloween-party-food-and-costumes-6

The kids were pretty cute too. A cat, Chase, Hermoine, a pirate, and Mother Gothel and Rapunzel of course.

halloween-party-food-and-costumes-8 halloween-party-food-and-costumes-10 halloween-party-food-and-costumes-12 halloween-party-food-and-costumes-19 halloween-party-food-and-costumes-21 halloween-party-food-and-costumes-24 halloween-party-food-and-costumes-26 halloween-party-food-and-costumes-29 halloween-party-food-and-costumes-32

Hope you all had a fabulous Halloween!