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a misty day in old town

saturday, we were all feeling kinda crappy,
coughing and snorting all night,
but that didn’t stop us from making a trip out to go see what we could see in this new place
since we haven’t really had much time to go exploring…
and that is what we do best.

and even though it was a little less than sunny in sunny san diego,
we went to go see the handmade market in old town.

exactly the kind of place cc and i love:
lots to see, lots to talk about, not a lot to buy.
{believe me, it’s safer that way….}

we found lots and lots of homemade tortillas,  good-lookin food joints,
and ended up at the mormon batallion visitor’s center…

the story of the mormon batallion is one of the coolest stories in our history and i loved the quaint little museumy tour….

and since we were missing conference to go play and run errands,
we might as well spend part of it with sweet missionaries.
it made me think of my sister.

at the end they take your picture with this old camera from the 1800s…
i went blonde for a minute as i searched the thing to see how they did it.
that sweet missionary had to tell me, “well see, there’s a huge canon in it…so…”


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