yesterday i went walking.
i live next to a beautiful park in one of the prettiest nooks of central california
with perfect weather.
and yet i drag myself out wishing i had a buddy or an appointment to make me go.
i walked up to the duck pond and the ducks did something 
i haven’t seen in my afternoon walks.
they chased me- with mouths open wide.
i was a little afraid to be honest…
maybe they were getting back at me
for all the years of running through them to watch them flail around…
when i got deeper into the “forest” we call it,
i came across many squirrels that did the same thing.
followed me like giselle– just running beside me and looking up to be sure i was still there.
it was cartoonish.
 i was about to start talking to the little guy,
 when i looked up and noticed an older man coming around the corner.
he had a little rodent tailing him too.
that cute old man had a bag of [i assume old] bread
that he was tossing out to the animals
he looked positively charmed with the task.
maybe it was the conference i was listening to or the breathtaking morning,
but the little scene grabbed me.
how many mornings have these little animals spent following this guy?
maybe this is HIS appointment.
maybe he feels like the little guys depend on him now
lets just say i will be bringin some sustenance with me on my walk next time.
and it just might help me keep my appointment too
[today was canceled- due to the lovely rain]