christmas at my moms is never a small event. this year she planned a Whobilation complete with a visit from the Grinch and it was pretty fun!

grinch stole christmas seuss party

the food, of course, had to be on theme, and turns out it was the perfect meal for a Christmas Eve Eve.

for the Grinch Christmas Party, we had Who Hash, Who Pudding, Grinch Cookies {made the same way as cake mix cookies except covered in powdered sugar}, Roast Beast, Fizz-a-Ma-Wizz, and Naughty Corn.
Christmas grinch party - Who Hash Christmas grinch party - Grinch Heart Cookies Christmas grinch party - Roast Beast Christmas grinch party - Fizz a Ma Wizz drink Christmas grinch party - Who Pudding Christmas grinch party - Naughty Corn

this was a fun year because we had a few more uncles and cousins around than usual, so lots of people to play games and run around. my ┬ánewest sister in law just free-handed this grinch to play “Pin the Heart on the Grinch” and it was perfect. the kids especially loved it.

Christmas grinch party - Pin the Heart on the Grinch

there were stations and while some played the game, some were making truffula trees with pool noodles, or wrapping humans into christmas trees.

Christmas grinch party - Wrap a Tree

and of course the Grinch himself paid us a visit and read the book. of course boss planted himself right next to him to comment on ever other phrase and whisper to the crowd, “hey everyone, it’s not really the Grinch!” he was adorable.

Christmas grinch party Christmas grinch party

he gave out our christmas shirts and of course we noted the hilarious mishap on the printing there…

Christmas grinch party 2

Christmas grinch party

till next year, Whos!!