if you really paint, like you are an artist, just walk away quietly, there is nothing to see here….

i have been sort of whining about wanting to paint and cc usually giggles at the randomness, then his “i’m a supportive husband” voice sobers up and he says, “{cough} you should!”

canvas was on sale, so i bought the stuff. haven’t painted since college, and that was a “scenic design” class….ya know, for theatre buffs. we really just painted brick, marble, and curtains…

its the only activity i have done since B’s been around that i can really get lost in.
i even put on my noise-canceling headphones and just went for it.

its not brilliant, it doesn’t match anything in my house, but it made me happy.
so worth it.

other things i love? 

how come every new social networking site/app i come across these days still proves itself additionally necessary?  {and i’m always late to the party…}

this is B’s favorite place in the house. he has been Crabby McCraberson for the last 36ish hours and sitting by the window to watch the cars drive by is one of the few remedies… other than dad.

we are headin into day 2 of screamageddon so i think i am going to have to bust out my craft hands and headphones and see what i can do….