(thanks karisa)

this one is to track what you eat and your water intake…
even your exercise.
its also a social network so you can keep tabs on other fat people.

i like that.
they have all kinds of good tricks and info about health and exercise
that’s fun to read.
(thanks brooke)

this chick just likes food and re-creates your favorite [not so] awesome recipes
and makes them low calorie and tasty.

she has tips and trips too and reads like a clever blogger…
she posts good finds at the grocery store too, low cal snacks and things…

and these things:

[yummy breakfast that lasts
and full of fiber which we lerv]

[ten o clock snack so lunch doesn’t growl on its way]

[the only thing to do after a death workout.

we add light yogurt instead of ice cream and they are yumtown.]

we will probably be old people still eating frozen grapes nightly.
we will be those people that your kids will come home saying,
“oh right, those are the wierdies that eat frozen grapes all the time, huh?”
we do.