If you’re born on the same day as Gramma Grapes, it means you get to have a week long party and enjoy lots of family around.

When I was at the hospital, at 36 weeks with Boss and the doctor had just tried a cephalic version to turn him head-down, I was devastated. I didn’t want a c-section, but the only silver lining was that if he had to come this way, at least I got to pick his birthday. The first day he could do it was on G-ma’s birthday. I thought that was pretty serendipitous. Over the last few years, Boss has called her on his birthday and sang to her and they’ve had a special bond because of it.

This year, because they turned 5 and 90, it was a lot of fun to be in town to share it with everyone this time around. Of course, since I am not quite on my “game” yet, it means I threw together a party in one day and decided not to stress about it at all. {great decision as it turns out} And I also didn’t bring my camera to any of these events. So these are from my iPhone, but it had to be documented none the less.

G-ma’s party was fun with all of her children, my dad’s siblings in town. The theme ended up to be bundt cakes, which was not sad at all…


Boss had a family party at grandmas the next day, and gramma doesn’t mess around when it comes to cake. I mean, rescue bots and all folks! Aunt Valerie was in town and made homemade pizzas one after the other all night and Boss was in heaven to have all his favorite things! He had such a great time and I was a little emotional even for a bit there watching him with all of his family around on his birthday that he talks about every other day of the year… every day we spend with family is another day I’m grateful we landed here.


The kid party that we threw together in a day turned out to be one of the better ones. We jut ordered pizza, found some cute printable on Etsy, and bought cupcakes instead of spending time stressing. Sent an elite about 5 days before and told them to dress like super heroes. Not pinterest worthy, but so so great. I love that my kid’s friends are kids of my best friends. It means the party was really for the parents, and we loved it.


IMG_8706 IMG_8726