i’ve wanted to do this for a few years,
and this weekend while we were in az was perfect.

we all sat outside in the beautiful arizona spring weather, enjoying each other’s company,
and thought about how to become millionaires so we could come visit more often…

grandpa nyle has been a huge part of our family.
it was at his 90th birthday party 5 years ago that cc brought me to meet his entire family,
just hours after our first date {and consequently first kiss…}

it was in his home, that we shared our first memories as a married couple.
we lived in his home, with all of their memories still there,
and it was poetic and a beautiful reminder of how much love they still share.
sweet little notes in every corner and a spirit of tenderness.

meet the 4 nyles:
c. nyle clifford
d. nyle clifford
c. nyle clifford
& boston nyle clifford

we loved the name boston. loved it.
but when we told grandpa nyle that we would be using his name,
he was very honored. and rightfully so.
4 great men here that mean so much to me and our little family.

we went to arizona to shoot a wedding.
{fabulous photos to show you soon!}

my lover and photog assistant makes working so much fun.
i wish we could shoot weddings every weekend. such romantic work indeed…

and who told my kids they could grow up??? little jason mraz here was looking like a grown-up california boy and it just about killed me. except for the drive home, he was so much fun and loved having so much space to play at the g-ma’s houses…

 let’s do that again soon mmmkay?