here goes,
in no order whatsoever:

i have always had better guyfriends than girlfriends.
still do. i am thinking of having bridesmen at my wedding,
but that’s like 7 more vests we’d have to make…

i have a bit of an over-obsession with film.
they must be quality though, and i have to talk about them…

i have issues with fingernails.
i bite them when nervous, bored, or in a suspenseful movie….
to curb it, i keep them painted.
they are currently quite long, thank you.
(and red, der, for love month.)

i hate running.
i do it, but hate it.
i do love dancing and yoga-ing or pilates-ing….
and attempting to stay in shape.

if i could have any job just given to me right now
and be one extremely happy camper,
it would be a sports photographer.
or a foto-journalist….

i love black people,
and sometimes i have dreams that my name is Lenisha…

i love driving by myself in my car.
i sing and dance real loud and love to see the reactions
to my rockin out.
(i guess i do that in the shower too…. minus the reactions.)
currently, i am cycling through jason mraz and dave barnes.
soon to be william fitzsimmons…

i have never been outside of the country.
unless you count tiajuana.
i will be using my passport on my honeymoon or i don’t wanna go!
[ok, maybe i would go… or i would let hawaii count…]

i am a complete word nerd.
i love learning new words and using them.
some of my favorites this year: tertiary, ancillary, and tangential.
i also have a problem not reading my old lit textbooks…

sometimes i am just a little OCD with dairy.
i have a brother that used to leave cheese out and it got nasty,
so now i am fierce about putting the cheese away the second we are done.
and eggs, milk…etc.
my family still teases me about it.
and i am most likely scarred for life.

i have never (before now) dated a guy whose family
even remotely liked me.
sarcasm and caffeine, among all else, are satan.

is my lucky number. always has been.
i tried out for cheer in ninth grade with that number.
i’m not superstitious, but whenever i get a fortune and 12 is on the back,
i tend to think that it really will come true…

i am the youngest in my family.
all of my brothers look after me,
and my younger sister, who is taller and wiser, does too…
i look up to every one.

i love college football. i really do.
i dated a guy that was obsessed and it grew on me.
i cant miss a byu game now.
i also like basketball, and due to a father and four brothers, golf.
i know, i know…

i love to take fotos of the most random things.
currently my fetish is with hydrants and drinking fountains…
used to be red doors. but those are not as frequent in the west.
actually, neither are cute hydrants.

i love holidays.
that might be my mother’s fault.
any excuse to throw a themed party that really should be simplified…

i have a horrible memory.
i think i am depreciating.
i therefore have to write everything down
and thus journal/blog often/daily.
oh well…

i got a degree in teaching, but i have not in the mood to teach since i left DC.
is that bad?
no, cause i said so.
someday i will though, and i will be bril.
i just wish i had a school like Ellington here in AZ is all…

two favorite places to vacate to:
beach and lake.
anywhere with hot sun, cool breeze, and water…
and usually a good book/fun people.
ok, i guess i love big cities too…NYC, DC…etc.

i have not missed a day yet this year
reading my sticks.

i figured out that i have lived with only 14 other girls
in my college experience.

i love most people. i just do.
the only people i really don’t get into are those extremely dense,
protein-powdered jocks that you don’t know how to talk to…

i am an insomniac, chronic worrior, as well as a chronic hiccuper.
i can get anxiety over the most random things sometimes,
i can go weeks without sleep if i do continue to worry about said things,
and randomly throughout the day (maybe 6-7x) i will blast a hiccup.
maybe that goes on in church and conference and in large lectures…
maybe, i just look confused and turn back too…

i once got phones with a guy i was dating.
i think he still has the same number that is one digit from mine.
maybe i had a roommate that loved to prank call him at times.

i just got into podcasts and itunes U.
both are filling up my little ipod of joy with informative pulp to coat my brain.
i love this american life, wait wait don’t tell me, and listening to lectures on american history.
told you. total nerd.
but its free, and i sort of hate not being in school.
i will maybe have to be in grad school within the next year…