a good friend and fellow blogger was so moved by the 
sandy hook elementary shooting,
that she started hook’s heroes.

hook’s heroes is aiming to gather 650 new or gently used huggable-sized bears to send to CT, and is also taking donations to aid in shipping and to go to the school.

no amount of money or teddy bears will bring these sweet kids back to this earth, but what i’m sure the school, children, and families need lots of, is comfort.

i wish i could personally hug each of those children who may need therapy to get through life because of what they saw, and each mom who may never recover…

feel free to grab this ad and repost it wherever you can to spread the word.
or go here to make a monetary donation


also, check out this facebook group redhearts for connecticut
it’s a place to post your photos of your big red heart on your car or your front door to show your support and love for CT and the families.

another tragic story:
{sorry, today is a debbie downer day}

this sweet young couple Bailee and Taylor got engaged just before thanksgiving.

they, and his little sister Madeline, hopped in the car to AZ from utah to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family and were in a tragic car accident. Madeline was killed,
and  Taylor broke his neck and spine. he was flown to vegas where he underwent 2 surgeries and has a long road to recovery ahead of them.

aside from losing a dear sister, and nearly losing taylor, this couple still plans to get married. as awful as this story is, this sweet couple will be bonded because of it, and we’ve already seen some of the sweetest miracles take place in their behalf. there is also a fund set up to help bay and tay start their life together right. they have ridiculous medical bills, and i really wish for them a beautiful wedding.  there is a facebook group for them as well the Morris Family Assistance
and a way to donate to their family assistance fund here.