Today I’m showing you how to build your wardrobe with basics.  Every woman needs a set of basics in their wardrobe.  Basics are important because they build outfits, complete outfits and are easy go to pieces.  Basics can be paired together to make easy go outfits. This basics guide will tell you how to build your wardrobe with basics first.  Once we have the basics set we will continue to build your wardrobe through out the year.

start with the basics-a style portrayed

Wardrobe basics are essential to creating the wardrobe that works for you. It doesn’t matter what body type or style personality you have, you will need basic pieces to make your wardrobe work for you.  Wardrobe Basics play so many roles in your life… they are your Go-To outfits when you are in a hurry, they give you the perfect piece to wear your new floral blouse with, and they can put the final touches on any outfit you are wearing.  Let’s build your wardrobe with basics first!Black and white basics A Style PortrayedWhen I work with my personal style clients, I start with black and white wardrobe basics.  Once we have established this base, I then create a wardrobe that fits their body type and personality.  I build my clients wardrobes with these basics first:



Final Pieces

Take this list into your closet, check off the wardrobe basics you have and circle the ones you need.  Buy the circled pieces and your wardrobe basics are complete! Have questions about building your basics?  Shoot me an email at and I will answer you back within 48 hrs.

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