a ridiculously moist and delicious Mexican Hot Chocolate Cake made from Mexican hot chocolate and dreamed up by my guest poster Sandee of Hooray!

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cake

This post is a guest post written by one of my best friends Sandee who recently started her own blog. She has more talent in her pinky than most of the internet and I tease her all day about it. I also call her the Elf, cause she never sleeps and still has energy to do amazing crazy things, “i got a whole 45 minutes and still had time to make this rocking chair!”


Hello there! I’m Sandee Sanford from Hooray. I live in sunny San Diego, CA with my little family of 4. I drive myself crazy with ideas of things I want to make. These ideas literally fester until I pay attention to them and make them a reality. So I had to start my blog as an outlet. I believe that we were born to create; Whether it’s making dinner for your family or painting a picture. My favorite way to be creative is to make things that celebrate those around me. For example, making a delicious cake for a favorite friend! But not just any cake… as you’ll see below!

Cinco De Mayo is a hard one for me. Don’t get me wrong…I like the holiday… it just usually sneaks up on me and then I either scramble to make something Mexican for dinner or promise myself I’ll just try to do it next year. This year I was wanting to do something festive other than the usual tacos. I had spotted the Mexican Chocolate at the grocery isle and had an instant craving for it. I thought it would be fun to make some kind of dessert out of it. I was planning on making a birthday cake for one of my best friend’s 30th birthday as well. So Mexican chocolate + birthday cake = this yummy treat to celebrate!


We showed up at Meg’s house to surprise her with her cake. Happy 30th Meg!




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