School’s out for the summer! Woohoo! Let the fun begin of loud, lovely, crazy kids running around the house all-day. I thought I would give you some yummy looking snacks to make your time a little easier.  One less thing to think about for you busy Mama’s!  I have taken notes and already tried out a few and they are awesome!

Easy, kid friendly healthy snacks for your children

Summer time is a wonderful time, but it also means that the kids are home every day, all day, all week. This means more messes, more arguments, more laughter, and more meals. Trust me, I know exactly what this looks like, and I know what you are thinking – WHAT am I going to feed my child everyday?? Meal planning is so not my thing, but I want them to be healthy. So here you go, problem [partially] solved.  I have for you some easy, kid-friendly healthy snacks for your kiddos. They are non time consuming snacks that they are all going to love. They can even help you make them. Entertainment, AND hunger problems solved! I hope you enjoy 🙂 Definitely some beautiful looking snacks that I cannot wait to try with my little ones!

Note: These images were provided by the bloggers, but if you’d like to pin and save all of these recipes, please pin the collage image above.

Eating Bird Food – Brown Rice Crispy TreatsBrown-Rice-Krispy-TreatsFannetastic Food – Nectarine Ice Popsnectarine-ice-pops

  Peas and Peonies – Berry Oatmeal Frozen Yogurt BitesBerry-Oatmeal-Frozen-Yogurt-Bites-PIN

 Allergy Awesomeness – Apricot Jello with Coconut Whip Creamapricot.jello_.swirled.three_.shot_.5x7.logo_

  My Wife Can Cook – No Bake Cookie Ballsno-bake-oatmeal-cookie-balls-650

 A Cedar Spoon – No Bake Cranberry Coconut Bitesno-bake-coconut-cranberry-energy-bites

Natural Girl Modern World – Morning Glory Muffins

 Food Faith Fitness – Healthy Protein Almond Joy Cheesecakehigh-protein-healthy-almond-joy-cheesecake

Neighborhood Food Blog – Grilled Plumsgrilled-plums-3-867x1024

Color Me Meg – Jamba Juice Copycat Caribbean Passion Smoothie jamba-juice-caribbean-passion-copycat-recipe1-731x1024

Noshing Nolands – Energy BallsEnergy-Balls-by-Noshing-With-The-Nolands-3-Custom

Heather’s French Press – Cookie and Cream Frozen Yogurt Bitescookies-cream-frozen-yogurt

Eating Bird Food – Chunky Monkey Trail MixChunky-Monkey-Trail-Mix-4

Neighborhood Food Blog – Cranberry Almond Crumblecherry-almond-crumble-3

Natural Girl Modern World – White Chocolate Macedonia Granola BarsWhite+Chocolate+Macadamia+Nut+Granola+Bars+-+Natural+Girl+Modern+World+-+1

 Food Faith Fitness – Vegan Cookie Dough vegan-cookie-dough-photo

Allergy Awesomeness – Nut Free Trail Mix trail-mix-nut-free

Two Healthy Kitchens – Veggie Faces No Bake Pizza Wraps THK-Veggie-Faces2Peas and Peonies – Sweet Summer Refreshments

 Cooking on the Front Burners – Raspberry Almond Energy Balls  Raspberry Almond Energy Balls

A Cedar Spoon – Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cocont BitesPeanut-Butter-Coconut-Oatmeal-Bites-1

 Made By Melissa Lee – Oatmeal Raisin Bars oatmeal-raison-bars

Hola Jalepeno – Cranberry Almond Granola cranberry-almond-granola

Peas and Crayons – Healthy Vegetable Dip homemade-easy-garden-veggie-vegetable-dip-appetizer-recipe-0920xS

Two Healthy Kitchens – Ants on a Log THK-Ants-on-a-Log6

Peas and Crayons – Hummus Stuffed Peppershummus-stuffed-peppers-sweet-mini-peppers-recipe-680-

Julia’s Eats and Treats – Crock Pot Apple Sauce Light-Crock-Pot-Applesauce-Truvia

Fannetastic Food – No Bake Peanut Butter Granola Bars