One of our favorite trends ever is pattern mixing. We love how it makes an outfit visually interesting, but can still feel put together and intentional, if it’s done right. So today we are sharing our top 4 tips for adding mixed patterns into your outfits!

Tip #1: Combine a large pattern with a small pattern

When mixing patterns, we think it works best to have one large (or bold) pattern and one small (or subtle) pattern, so the patterns aren’t competing with each other. Mixing two bold patterns would probably be a little too much, while mixing two subtle patterns would be a little boring. Mixing a bold pattern with a subtle pattern gives a perfect balance and keeps the outfit interesting.


Tip #2: Use inverted Colors

Using inverted colors is one of the easiest way to pattern mix. Use a dark top and a light bottom, or a light top and a dark bottom to make sure your patterns have plenty of contrast.


Tip #3: Stick with the same color family

We like our outfits to make sense, and we never want anyone to look at us and wonder why we put one item with another. By sticking with similar colors, even though the pieces have different patterns, they tie together.


Tip #4: Be confident!

We don’t claim to be authorities on fashion, these tips are just what we have found work best for us. But as far as we are concerned, you can wear whatever the heck you want as long as you feel good. So ignore the previous tips if you want to. Just make sure to follow this one.

pattern mixing with striped top, floral pencil skirt and strappy coral heels

Happy mixing!

xo, Sam and Liz


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