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zucchini pizza bites

i went to the gym nearly every day last week.
and i have a plan. a pretty good one,
that if it works, i will have to tell you about it.
so, yay for you.
and though i love him, my suddenly-healthy-and-often-a-know-it-all in the health/exercise department goes to the gym at 4am, lifts like a boss, and pounds the protein…
and it’s definitely “working out” for him
{ah, i couldn’t help it…}
so if ever i don’t have a plan for dinner these days, 
he commandeers and makes something healthy,
which is great for me, but really adds to my guilt on days when my plan was…
less than healthy…
and since even just a few months ago if i didn’t have a plan, 
i would whine a bit and we’d order a pizza…
so as a prequel to our dinner the other night, i threw together these little zucchini pizza bites and barely had time to snap a picture of them cause they went so fast.

i’m going to have to remember these for my next party…
they are a pretty great little appetizer for a small dinner party or girls night…

they gave me that vibe of pizza without feeling like i ruined my health for the day.
{don’t get me wrong, my pizza-eating days are not over!}
 in fact, after a very healthy, working out day,
my husband sat next to me while i ate orange sherbet right out of the carton…
guess no one’s perfect…

cute little zucchini pizza bites

2 large zucchinis
1 cup fresh shredded mozzarella cheese
1 cup pizza sauce
italian seasoning

what to do: slice zucchini at least 1/4 inch thick. diagonally for slightly bigger bites. place onto a grill pan for a few minutes on each side until barely softened and they have nice grill marks. place on a lined cookie sheet and top with small amount of sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. sprinkle with a little italian seasoning and pop them in the broiler just long enough for the cheese to melt. serve immediately.



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